Mdm Begam

"After getting married, my passion for garment design and sewing died due to the changed in priorities. But now, it has rekindled along with the hope that I can be seamstress!"

Mdm Begam, a single parent with HCSA Dayspring SPIN, once said that she had "no hope, no dream". She was a masterful seamstress whose passion for garment design and sewing dwindled after building a family at 20 years old.

Raising five kids on her own is no easy feat. It was hard for Mdm Begam to find a suitable job as she had to stay home to look after her family, especially one of her sons who has autism.

Through the befriender support, Mdm Begam received mentorship in home-based sewing business. During the launched of the Celebrating Dreams Project before the pandemic, Mdm Begam sold kids' aprons that were sewn by her!