“My hope is just to stay 'clean' from drugs, have a roof over my head and a steady job, come home and have quiet nights. These may not sound like big dreams, but doing these makes my mum happy. Because of Highpoint, I have stability in my life now. I’m grateful for that.”

Ramesh’s teenage years were a turbulent mix of smoking and rebellion, which eventually led him down the path of substance abuse and drug trafficking. After being in and out of prison for more than a decade, his turning point came after his last release. He decided to approach HCSA Highpoint in 2019 after unsuccessful attempts to secure his own housing, and was determined to turn his life around, once and for all.

Ramesh attributes to HCSA Highpoint’s community-style living and strong support which had been pivotal in his recovery journey. At present, he has been 'clean' for seven years (and counting) and emphatically declares that he will never go back to his previous ways!