"I'm grateful for my mentors from HCSA Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre (DRTC) who were always there to keep me grounded when I was dissociating. Now I have become more matured in dealing with my emotions. My hope is to one day work as an advanced practice nurse to care for others with the care I had received."

When Kat* was 16 years old, she was referred to HCSA DRTC by a child protection officer as her turbulent home situation was deemed unsafe for her. During her time at HCSA DRTC, Kat learnt how to articulate her feelings in a more positive manner instead of acting out and making impulsive decisions.

Throughout her entire journey at HCSA DRTC, Kat appreciated how encouraging her mentors were. Today, Kat is working as a healthcare professional, and aspires to advance her studies with in the goal of becoming an advanced practice nurse.